Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If I didn't scare you away yet, I'm happy you stuck around....for now.

I thought I'd do something somewhat unique (I haven't seen anyone else do it). I'd like to post a random song and my take on it. For instance, I heard this really cool song today. These are the lyrics that stuck with me, listen to the sweet guitar riff, gah that dude's voice sucks, etc.

Not every song I will being posting about I'm going to like. It's just going to be a completely random song that I heard throughout the day. It can be off the wall things too, like video game music to show tunes. However I will probably tend to favor rock music. I have a broad interest in the whole genre so I'll be covering all sub genres.

I also might do something with cover songs. I'll have links up to where you can listen to the original artist and the one covering it. You can give your thoughts and opinions with the neat-o comment box below each post if you want to add fuel to my fire or stomp it out.

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