Tuesday, June 1, 2010

thursday boentian

"thursday boentian" was my random generated security code just to post something on facebook. Does anyone else get sick of the massive amount of garbage emails about shooting gangstas and selling cows to your friends on facebook?

I really miss the incredibly watered down and sparse ad-free version of facebook from a few years ago. It was just so much simpler and to the point and actually enjoyable to log on. Now any swinging dick and nancy wants to become your friend just to see your pictures or in my case "OmG ur so hawwt u lok lik da guy from amreican pie, shawn willam scott i think". Anyone get those weekly messages like I do? Haha does anyone even use myspace anymore? I don't use mine, I look at bands for free streams but that's about all.

Damn four posts in one day... how unlike me.

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