Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is it boys, this is war!

I know, I know... I've been slacking with the updates on here, call it a lack of inspiration I suppose. But, hey I'm updating it now!

Today's topic of interest is (if you hadn't guessed from the title already)

Nena - 99 Red Balloons or 99 Luft Balllons. Luft means "air" in German not red.

Nena's guitarist actually is the one that coined up the idea for this song. He was at a Rolling Stone concert in West Germany during the 1980s when a bunch of Balloons were released at the show. The balloons floated high into the air resembling an appearance of an unidentified flying aircraft. Of course, nothing happened but it made him think what would have happened if they could have been misconstrued as a hostile force floating over the Berlin Wall into the Soviet sector during the tense time of the Cold War.

Alright enough of the history lesson check out the original artist's version then Goldfinger's pretty sweet cover. Haha, and I know the beginning almost looks like Thriller but it's not.

Original Artist: Nena - 99 Red Balloons

Cover Artist: Goldfinger - 99 Red Ballloons

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You've let them out of your sight

I came across these guys with the amazing invention of Pandora and already bought their album on itunes. It's a shame though because it seems they're a defunct band now and haven't come out with anything in over 5 years. There's something about British bands that I like, I just can't put my finger on it. Check out the band's whole album, it's worth a listen.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sixteen just held such better days

After my ipod transmitter died on me today, I switched on the radio and was surprised to hear this playing. Blink-182 was my favorite band growing up and I still get excited when I hear their songs play. I'd still wear my Hurley shirts if the fist-pumping guidos didn't ruin them.

I remember when this video used to come on "thebox" way back when. It was a 24/7 music video station and people could call in to request videos for a small fee. Seems pretty sweet right? Well when that damn "Who let the dogs out!?" song first came out that station was saturated with that garbage for months.

There's also a reference to Nirvana's Come As You Are.
"I took my time, I hurried up, The choice was mine, I didn't think enough."
While Nirvana's lyrics are "Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don't be late." I prefer Mark's vocals compared to Tom's. They just seem warmer and more inviting.

I've always loved this song because it was so different from their usual stuff which I was all about just being silly and having a good time. These lyrics really hit home with me at that particular point in my life. Just starting to drive, getting my first job, thinking seriously about college for the first time, teaching myself the guitar, developing a deeper appreciation for music, relationships, depression, and passing the time in my room alone. I really felt invincible back then as my mom likes to put it "wearing my youth as a shield". Sixteen did hold such better days.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

thursday boentian

"thursday boentian" was my random generated security code just to post something on facebook. Does anyone else get sick of the massive amount of garbage emails about shooting gangstas and selling cows to your friends on facebook?

I really miss the incredibly watered down and sparse ad-free version of facebook from a few years ago. It was just so much simpler and to the point and actually enjoyable to log on. Now any swinging dick and nancy wants to become your friend just to see your pictures or in my case "OmG ur so hawwt u lok lik da guy from amreican pie, shawn willam scott i think". Anyone get those weekly messages like I do? Haha does anyone even use myspace anymore? I don't use mine, I look at bands for free streams but that's about all.

Damn four posts in one day... how unlike me.

With their tanks and their bombs and their bombs...

That double mention of bombs always threw me off but I know it was to emphasize a point. If you don't know what I'm talking about yet take a look at this or really more of a listen and click here for the wiki article about it.

Original Artist: The Cranberries - Zombie

Cover Artist: Miser

Miser is an up and coming band from Dallas-Fortworth area. These dudes are really good. Check out the songs Stars and Zen as well. The whole album is worth listening to though.

There's several other decent covers out there but this one really stuck out to me. I like the "whoa oh ohhh ahh" incorporation in this version.


If I didn't scare you away yet, I'm happy you stuck around....for now.

I thought I'd do something somewhat unique (I haven't seen anyone else do it). I'd like to post a random song and my take on it. For instance, I heard this really cool song today. These are the lyrics that stuck with me, listen to the sweet guitar riff, gah that dude's voice sucks, etc.

Not every song I will being posting about I'm going to like. It's just going to be a completely random song that I heard throughout the day. It can be off the wall things too, like video game music to show tunes. However I will probably tend to favor rock music. I have a broad interest in the whole genre so I'll be covering all sub genres.

I also might do something with cover songs. I'll have links up to where you can listen to the original artist and the one covering it. You can give your thoughts and opinions with the neat-o comment box below each post if you want to add fuel to my fire or stomp it out.

And it begins...

I almost just gave up creating this blog. There were so many security procedures and verification codes just to get this thing going. Of course nothing is never that easy when it comes to simple technology that no one seems to have problems with except me. After attempt #10 we were finally making some head-way and here we are. The folks at Google need to calm down, it's just a blog not massive spam email accounts.

Alright enough complaining, the main reason I'm creating this is to give me a sense of constructiveness and also for you people (whadda ya mean
you people?) to take a dip into some of my thoughts and opinions on certain things. I'll be posting all kinds of nifty cool stuff, hence the title.

Hello world, my name is Collin, the guy with the blog. Look out.